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Max’s father’s last book looks like a typical Evangelical tract for the faithful, but it contains a hidden key to Max’s emotional life. Will Jenny open it?

New Book Announcement from Reformed Truth Press

Living with Uncertainty


Alisdair Mullins, Pastor of Northumbria First Truly Reformed Church

Published August 1996 by Reformed Truth Press, Paperback £9.99

Alisdair Mullins develops the themes of his previous best-selling Christian books, Great is Thy Faithfulness andCovenant Love, in exciting new directions. What is the certainty we think we have? Pastor Mullins argues that it is a man-made construct, compounded of the many minor convictions we have wrought for ourselves, which are in reality little more than idols. In truly saving faith we are compelled to embrace the uncertainty that is, in fact, the reflection in this life of the ultimate Sovereignty of the Creator. Some leading themes:

Uncertainty and the Word of God

Can Rules bring Certainty?

‘Has your quest for certainty become a lock and key on the doors of learning?’

God’s Map in the Wilderness

‘Life is a journey, and on the journey, as we travel, shouldn’t we learn?’

‘Applying the wisdom we gain from experience is what moving forward is all about.’

This book is a must-read for Biblically-minded believers who want to move forward in their faith.

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