Mari HowardMay 10, 2022

May 2022 NEWS

Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire: Blog Tour hosting  Friday May 13th We're delighted to be a stop on the Blog Tour of a new book - Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire, by S.C. Skillman. The book, to be published in July, features many interesting locations in the English midlands county of Warwickshire, childhood home to William Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkien,  whose writings both reflect some of its rural characteristics. There is much else to be discovered there - haunted houses, ancient rituals, and several small towns which reflect essential historic Englishness' in there still- remaining timbered buildings, which give it a 'Tudor times' feel. The  book is an easy, informative read, and richly illustrated with photos taken either by the author or members of her immediate family. Join me on Friday to learn more - where I've written my review - over on the marihowardauthor blog (see below - click 'view')