May 2022 NEWS

Mari HowardMay 10, 2022

Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire: Blog Tour hosting  Friday May 13th We’re delighted to be a stop on the Blog Tour of a new book – Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire, by S.C. Skillman. The book, to be published in July, features many interesting locations in the English midlands county of Warwickshire, childhood home to William Shakespeare… Read More

New! ‘Life in Art and Practice’: Stories from my Younger Self

Mari HowardFebruary 12, 2022

Mari Howard’s new book of mini short stories – rediscovered in lockdown and now ready for pre-orders (published Monday 14th February) … ‘Written with the visual acuity of a painter and the insight of a sociologist, Mari Howard’s tales of the human condition are also filled with compassion…’ Take a look on the BOOKS page… Read More

New! ‘Life in Art and Practice, Stories from my Younger Self’

Mari Howard historical, more to read, social comment

Mysterious stories for fireside reading, written towards the end of the 20th century, and featuring ambition, deception, despair, longing, and dreaming…the magical in the ordinary, confronting reality and human relationships sideways, with question What if? Publishing 14 February 2022, Paperback, price £6.99  Now available for pre-orders from our Website…  (e-mail:  Read more at bottom… Read More

New Year News! A book of stories…

Mari HowardJanuary 22, 2022

So it’s 2022 – what’s new at Hodgepublishing? Coming, in preparation now as you read, Life in Art and Practice, a book of stories to read around the fireside on a dark winter’s night. Spine-tingling rather than spine-chilling, these short tales about human relationships blend everyday reality and magic realism, and explore questions of ‘what… Read More

Is Hope all there is?

Mari HowardJanuary 7, 2022

Find the latest blog post today, at the Mari Howard Author blog (go to the Home page and simply scroll down then click on the right hand block…)

12 December ’21: Customer purchase alert!

Mari HowardDecember 12, 2021

A word about BUYING from the WEBSITE: an error has occurred in the ‘buy now’ buttons: we’re working to correct it… please e-mail office@hodgepublishing if you are a serious buyer who would like help obtain your copy of one of our books. Thank you! Enjoy your visit and why not take a look at Mari’s… Read More

Have you read September’s Blogpost yet?

Mari HowardOctober 21, 2021
'YA' and all ages upwards, more to read, positive stories, writing

… the stage was set, the continuing the story of love. In book three (hopefully moving towards its adulthood in publication) there’s love in friendship, as their daughter Alice recalls her teenage year of first public exams and formation… Writing is a process, and as the song says, Tell me the truth about love…

Autumn News – 2 – More Book Reviews for Cold Evenings!

Mari HowardOctober 11, 2021 more to read, positive stories, social comment

I’m adding TWO reviews today: a lovely humorous novella for grown-ups, Mrs Morris Changes Lanes (note the surname!) by Debbie Young, and a thoughtful, insightful, book for young teens – though this one is really so well written and insightful that it comes recommended for ‘all ages’, Girl with a White Dog, by Anne Booth.

Autumn News

Mari HowardOctober 4, 2021 more to read, News updated

Read NEWS about my writing & a Book Review…
(Eleanor) is of course alone among strangers, and must make her way into the social world of girls different to herself, with whom she’ll eat, sleep, and spend her free time, as well as learn school subjects…

New on the Blog: Taking off my Hat to my Younger Self!

Mari HowardJuly 28, 2021

…during this last lockdown, we’d discovered, lurking in some box in the attic, a collection of about ten short stories written by that younger self. Some printed by our first, dot-matrix, printer, …