Mari HowardFebruary 28, 2020

The Natter of Knitters

by Debbie Young

Here’s another escapade for Sophie Sayers, the young woman who’s recently moved to the Cotswold village of Wendlebury Barrow. This time, the story’s conveniently contained in an envelope-sized format, great for slipping into a birthday card to your retail-therapy friend or old-school-chum (or others!) I recently enjoyed this mini-volume as a relaxing break between two more massive, more intellectually-demanding novels (reviews coming soon hopefully!)

The Natter of Knitters is a charming story story of village life with all the right character: Carol of the village shop, with her alphabetically arranged grouches, fruit’n’ve, stationery, etc; Billy the ancient bachelor who retains his eye and his cheeky remarks for the girls; posh, organising Mrs Fortescue; Tommy the teenager from the wrong side of the tracks (there are no tracks since Beeching…). And of course Hector the bookshop owner, handsome  life-out partner to Sophie.

Sophie (a heroine named for Dorothy Sayers, author of the Peter Wimsey stories) has lost some her naiveté, but retains that quality of making arch comments to the reader on her village neighbours and their doings, and her relationship with Hector… And a charity knit-in to help the homeless knits all these together with charm and wit, in the best tradition of British storytelling.