Life in Art and Practice

Mysterious stories for fireside reading, written towards the end of the 20th century, and featuring ambition, deception, despair, longing, and dreaming…the magical in the ordinary, confronting reality and human relationships sideways, with question What if?

Publishing 14 February 2022, Paperback, price £6.99 

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Praise for Life in Art and Practice: Stories from my Younger Self by Mari Howard

“Written with the visual acuity of a painter and the insight of a sociologist, Mari Howard’s tales of the human condition are also filled with compassion” (Debbie Young, founder of the independent Hawkesbury Upton Literary Festival, ambassador for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI) , author and blogger)

“In ‘Appletime’, Mari Howard confronts the reader with a contemporary problem in modern medicine. And within this framework she gently weaves enchantment, back and forth: fragments of Creation and Foundation myths, redemption and magic. We are lulled into dreaminess and hit by the realities of modern life all at the same time.” (Ceri Leeder, artist, illustrator, & ex-art teacher, from Wales)

“Mari Howard has a gift. A fabulous read that will haunt you long after you have put the book down.” (Rachel Lawston, book designer & children’s author)