November News: A series, and new Book Descriptions

Baby, Baby and The Labyrinth Year are now officially a ‘series’, the Mullins Family Saga: newly developing is the third story, Love You to the Moon, featuring Alice now aged 15 1/2, and her friend Charlie’s troubled family, set mostly in Oxford, in the post 9/11, 21st century world.

We’ve recently changed the Book Description for Baby, Baby on Amazon KDP, and are looking to update the descriptions across the Amazon site. It’s also now categorised as Fiction, contemporary … and described as a ‘Romeo and Juliet style romance’, a story of young lovers from opposing family beliefs.

Baby, Baby is a story of cultural clashes in late 20th century Britain, reflecting the hidden deep differences in the ‘white, British’ community. Max and Jenny, immediately attracted, suddenly find a stumbling block they (certainly Jenny) hadn’t foreseen. Max belongs to a fundamentalist religious group.

The category ‘Christian, Inspirational’ just didn’t fit the story, (and how Amazon got hold of it is a mystery …) since any reader expecting to be inspired, or instructed, would be disappointed. Baby, Baby (and The Labyrinth Year, next in the Mullins family series) don’t set out to do that.

Rather, as the plot turns on how they both react to the pull of the hormones and mutual interests, and the assumptions of their backgrounds, it explores the complex diversity of ethics and moral thinking on which their early lives were based. And which can still constrain them both by choice and by family pressures.

You, the reader, are left to decide about the paths they take, and any wisdom they may learn.

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