Hodge at Hawkesbury—August 2015

What’s magical about Hawkesbury Upton?

It’s a Cotswold Village —set in the rolling Cotswold Hills, with buildings of that lovely golden stone, bound to be beautiful!

It hosts the longest-running traditional Horticultural Show in England

The people there are a community

One of the people there is an enthusiastic, energetic supporter of Indie Writing!

She enthuses others!

Most important: on Saturday 29th August, we ALLi authors held our Pop-up LitFest, and we sold books! Craft fairs and book festivals are good places to display your work, to get a bit of publicity and meet possible readers: but often you don’t expect to sell much. People came to the Show to see the produce, go on the rides, watch the displays, and buy cakes, burgers, or glasses of Pimms (from the tent just beside out marquee).

Selling in the marquee began slowly—the first customer to actually browse my books (Baby, Baby and The Labyrinth Year) turned round from looking at the covers, and said to me ‘Flummery’.
She apologised once she knew I was the author—but said she preferred ‘a nice crime story’. Writers of these flanked our pitch, so maybe she found one.

Then, the selling began to take off. During the last hour, as people calmed down from the more exciting stalls and attractions, we in the Hodge section were delighted with what were good sales for more thoughtful and serious novels, and were also able to do a dramatic reading which was recorded on video by David Penny, one of the other ALLi authors.