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About Mari’s (and other) books and reading:

A rewarding and stimulating novel … (review heading for Baby, Baby)

Everyone should have access to new books which offer original, thoughtful, thought-provoking, writing. The kind which speaks to our hearts and stays with us forever: well-drawn characters, who ask the big questions, and take us beyond ourselves, out of the box, and beyond the market’s needs.

‘Woven into the structure is a mystery that drives the story along at a pace, especially in the latter half, to create a real page-turner that I didn’t want to put down. The ending was intelligent, satisfying and rewarding.’ (from author Debbie Young’s review for Mari Howard’s Baby, Baby)

True creativity, social comment, spirituality, a range of opinions, cross-over genres …

‘I’ve just finished The Labyrinth Year … I thought it was a super read. Baby, Baby was good but the sequel is even better! ‘(Griselda Heppel, author of Ante’s Inferno and The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst)

Hodge is proud to display the Join Alli banner, to demonstrate that we’re part of a growing number who are ‘author-publishers’. We believe that in Indie publishing there is a vital, and growing, alternative. The Alliance of Independent Authors brings together indie authors from all over the world, offering us information, services, and a community of broadly like-minded writers to interact with. Read about us here.

‘… the more I read the more I wanted to read and the conclusion was masterly and redeeming.’

Readers should have the chance to explore and expand their inner worlds, to move away from the predictable, to have reading adventures. Indies agree that we don’t want to imprison the muse of creativity in a dark tower of market trends.

‘This is an exciting, fast-moving story, almost a “who-dunnit”! It’s also a book which takes personal and ethical dilemmas seriously, and examines them through credible, complicated characters…'(People’s Book Prize page, praise for Baby, Baby)

Mari Howard

Mari Howard

Mari Howard is a descendant, through her paternal grandfather, of the same family as Sir Ebenezer Howard who created the concept of Garden Cities. Born in London, she was educated at Newcastle University and the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. Her interest in the fertility industry was inspired by working in pregnancy counselling, and studying medical sociology, and in writing by working as an outside reader for the Oxford English Dictionary. She is also a painter, and has held several exhibitions (not using the pen name) at venues including at the Oxford University Press and at Oxford Artweeks. She enjoys photography, the natural world, and friendships, and is an author member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. Mari is married with a family of three adult children and has re-filled the empty nest with three cats. She is inspired by human interactions especially within families and the complicated question of how cultural diversity can be managed with peace and harmony.